Stadler Rail KISS Transitio

In 2014 Swedish leasing company Transitio signed contracts with three suppliers (Stadler Rail, Bombardier, and CAF) for the possible procurement of regional railway vehicles. These framework agreements are effective for a period of seven years.

Stadler is the only supplier that was permitted to sign a framework agreement under which the company may provide two different types of vehicles: the single-decker FLIRT and the double-decker KISS trains. These trains should be compatible.

33 KISS trains for Mälab / Mälardalstrafik AB

Transitio ordered its first 33 units in 2015 – KISS double-deck trains for Mälab to be used on routes radiating from Stockholm to Örebro, Hallsberg and Norrköping plus Sala – Norrköping. These EMUs are panted blue and white.

8 KISS trains for Upptåget

In 2018 Transitio got the green light to order another eight KISS EMUs for the Uppsala region. These units are identical to the Mälab trains, 4-car and a top speed of 200 km/u, but will have a different livery. They will be operated by Kollektivtrafikförvaltningen UL under the Upptåget brand name and are painted red and grey.