[SE] Objection dismissed: green light for Stadler KISS for Transitio and Mälab

In 2017 Swedish railway company Mälab wanted to start passenger services on the lines Sala – Linköping, Linköping – Uppsala, Uppsala – Örebro, Hallberg – Fleming Mountain and Hallberg – Stockholm. The rolling stock required would be supplied by leasing company Transitio, that ordered KISS trainsets from Stadler Rail in June 2015. However, shortly after Stadler and Transitio made the deal public, Bombardier, a competing manufacturer, raised an objection against the tendering process.

The whole project was put on hold for more than a year, awaiting the final verdict of the Swedish court. In June 2016, it dismissed Bombardier’s objection, meaning Stadler was given the green light to supply 33 four-car KISS double-decker trains to Transitio.
The first trains will now be delivered in February 2018. These will run in the area around Lake Mälaren, to the west of Stockholm. They will be approved for a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

Framework agreements
The order for Mälab is the first call-off from the framework agreement that the Swedish leasing company Transitio concluded in 2014 with three suppliers (Stadler Rail, Bombardier and CAF) for the procurement of regional railway vehicles. These framework agreements are in effect for a period of seven years. Stadler is the only supplier that was permitted to sign the framework agreement to provide two different types of vehicles: the single-decker FLIRT and the double-decker KISS trains, these trains will be compatible and can be used in mixed services. The Mälab order has a volume of SEK 3.5 billion and includes an option for an additional 110 vehicles.

Special features for Sweden
With the Transitio order, the Stadler Rail KISS-family gets another member with different measurements compared to the Swiss standard version. The Swedish clearance profile is higher and wider and so the trains will have a wider (aluminum) body design, offering more legroom for passengers and a more open, spacious feeling.
Furthermore, the Swedish KISS will get extra features to enhance winter weather resistance; closed engine rooms, double-wall intercar gangways, snow scrapers between the bogies and carriage bodies, a heat recovery system, floor heating and high-quality insulation.

Copyright Stadler Rail
Copyright Stadler Rail
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