[design] GoldenTron for Golden boys

In few countries ice hockey is as popular as in the Czech Republic. The 2024 World Championship brought a golden story to the Czech Republic, and that deserved a celebration:

Every year, the World Championship is held in a different country. This year, after nine years, the Czech Republic had its turn again, traditionally in Prague and Ostrava. České dráhy was much more involved than in previous years in ensuring the transportation of the fans and the players. As the official operator of the championship, they introduced extra services between Prague and Ostrava, released a promotional locomotive, and transported the hockey players between hotels and stadiums with their buses.

It is rare that the host country also wins the tournament. The Czech team’s home victory caused a wave of celebrations in the country, and ČD could not stay behind. How best to celebrate the home team’s success?

The GoldenTron

On 01.06.2024, a traditional event called Railway Day occurred in Prague’s Vršovice depot, the home depot of ČD’s Vectrons fleet. There is no better event to introduce a novelty: Vectron 6193 031 covered in gold foil saying: “Hoši, děkujem“ which means “Thank you boys“. Before the commissioning, the Vectron was christened by the Minister of Transport Martin Kupka, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Michal Krapinec and the golden team’s hockey player Lukáš Sedlák.

Christening of the GoldenTron in Praha Vršovice depot © České dráhy

“ČD is proud to have been able to participate as the official carrier in the organisation of the World Hockey Championship, which became an unforgettable experience for all of us thanks to the success of our national team. Now their triumph will be commemorated on the railway by a golden Vectron,” said Michal Krapinec, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD.

One day later, the locomotive was put into regular service. It can be found on all trains pulled by ČD Vectrons. Trainspotters can also expect to see it in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Presentation of the locomotive to the public © České dráhy