[CZ] Finally! Bolt the Railway Dog reveals locomotive named after himself

Finally! That is the only word that comes to mind. Bolt the Railway Dog just had the best day of his life (so far); he got his name on a Vectron!

Bolt may be the biggest Vectron fan we know. He eats, sleeps, and drinks Vectron and cuddles them whenever possible. He is a true Vectron ambassador.

Bolt and his little brother – RSL 6193 571 ‘Boltik’ – 20.11.2023 © Bolt

On 20.11.2023, České dráhy and the Furry revealed RS Lease locomotive 6193 571’s new name: Boltík (or ‘little Bolt’). The machine will eventually get the ČD corporate colours, but the name is forever!

But isn’t it time for a real ‘Bolt Vectron’?

Bolt the Railway Dog