[passenger] Arenaways is back: Passenger trains in Piedmont region starting in 2025

On 01.01.2025, passenger trains will return to the Cuneo-Saluzzo-Savigliano rail route. Arenaways will be the operator:

This morning, Regional President Alberto Cirio presented the pre-award service contract between Piedmont Mobility Agency and Longitude Holding at Manta station. The contract is for ten years, has a value of EUR 43 million and will cover:

  • 14 trains/day on the connecting Savigliano-Saluzzo-Cuneo;
  • 10 trains/day between Ceva-Ormea starting line in 2028.
Pre-contract signed! 27.03.2024

At the same time, Rfi will invest 70 million euros in structural and safety upgrades for the two lines decommissioned in 2012 (Saluzzo-Savigliano was reactivated in 2019-2020).

“Today we sign a fundamental moment for local public transport, an agreement we have been working on since 2020. – says Marco Gabusi, regional councillor for Transport and Infrastructure – Several carriers have understood that rail transport is not only high speed, but also local connections.”

Matteo Arena, the CEO of Arenaways, explained, “We will use new-generation diesel trains starting in 2028, with 155 seats and integrated on-board services. It will be important for us to be integrative and complementary with local road public transport and Trenitalia on the other lines. We look forward to starting the service.”

From 2025-2028, Arenaways will use existing rolling stock: upgraded ATR220 diesel trains no. 034, 035, 036, 037, which FER previously used.

About Longitude and Arenaways

Longitude Holding is a new privately owned rail operator whose main shareholder is Giuseppe Arena. This name may sound familiar to you as he initiated the open-access Arenaways passenger trains on the Torino – Milano line in 2010-2011.

The first visual result of the company’s return is the introduction of a new logo and corporate identity: