[locomotive] DPB: new customer for Siemens’ Vectron

The small family of private Vectrons registered in Austria is doubling soon. DPB has three locomotives on order. The first two were transported to Dessau on 25.11.2023, no.3 arrived on 05.12.2023. All three machines were just white during transport.

This article was published on 26.11.2023 and updated on 07.12.2023-01.03.2024-06.03.2024.

DPB 1293 905 on transport to Dessau for final delivery

DPB is a long-time partner of ÖBB and a “general contractor in the areas of control and safety technology for railway infrastructure”. DPB Rail Infra Service is an independent private railway transport company. It offers construction site logistics, construction-site security and freight transport, and it manages a certified training centre.

Official presentation in DPB design

At the end of February, all three machines were wrapped in Germany. On 27. and 28.02.2024, they were sent to Austria, where they were presented officially on 01.03.2024.

DPB Bahn 1293 903-905 on their way from Dessau to Austria – pitstop in Munich on 27.02.2024 © Thomas Girstenbrei-Stadelmann
DPB Bahn 1293 903-905 on their way from Dessau to Austria © Pusztai Zoltán
DPB 1293 903 in Schlüsslberg on 02.03.2024 © Stahl Csaba

With the three new 1293s, you get the following list of Vectrons in the Austrian number system:

And true, DPB is the company that purchased 1216 940 in 2021 and gave it this remarkable design:

DPB 1216 940 + DB 193 xxx near Unterwaltersdorf (AT) 09.02.2022 © Christopher Kavassy

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