[NO] Snow White: Former Green Cargo EuroDuals at work for CargoNet [updated]


This article was originally published on 14.03.2023 and got updated on 12.04.2023 (new pictures added, scroll down to see them).

Railcolor News meticulously covered the delivery of the latest ELP EuroDuals for CargoNet all the way from sunny Spain to snowy Norway. But the operator’s hybrid fleet from Stadler consists not of two but four such locos, the second pair being inherited from Green Cargo. Here are the details:

From bright green to snow white – this is the colour change for the very first Nordic EuroDuals. As the two locomotives are no longer leased by Green Cargo, which ceased domestic operations in Norway, CargoNet has become their new lessee. While the machines did lose their distinctive green livery design, thus far, they have not received foil in the grey/yellow colors of CargoNet. This gives place to some interesting sights, featuring them in their factory-white bodyshell with virtually no markings except the ones on the frame.

Thanks to Marcin Seńczyk, we bring visuals featuring 159 002 serving intermodal trains between Bodø and Trondheim. We start with train 5781’s arrival in Bodø in the early morning (04:39 AM) of 20.02.2023:

ELP > CargoNet 159 002 with train 5781 from Trondheim to Bodø seen at Bodø 20.02.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk

Later the same day, the locomotive is seen leaving Bodø en route back to Trondheim on the Nordlandsbanen:

ELP > CargoNet 2159 002 with freight train 5784 from Bodø to Trondheim (Nordlandsbanen) leaving Bodø towards Fauske 20.02.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk

Finally, we have a snowy close-up portrait of the locomotive from 03.03.2023, again from Bodø:

ELP > CargoNet 159 002 as train 5784 shortly before departure from Bodø station towards Trondheim 03.03.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk

We expect the locomotives will eventually get their CargoNet branding and look identical to the newly delivered 2159 003 and 004. But having a glimpse at them during this interim period between changing outfits is certainly something we will refer to in the future.

Curious fact: This is, in fact, the second time we’re witnessing these locos fully white, the first time being in 2020 when they got certified for Green Cargo’s operations in Sweden and Norway.

Snow White

Speaking of that other pair in silver, here is proof that these two machines are also turning snow white…quite literally:

ELP > CargoNet 159 003 leaving Bodø on 10.02.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk

Update 159 001 is no longer white

Springtime is bringing colors to locomotives as well. EuroDual 159 001 is no longer white, as it has been given the CargoNet livery design. Two things stand out when this locomotive is compared to the newer 159 003 and 004. First, there is a prominently displayed number on the nose of the locomotive (159 001), and second, the side vents of the bodyshell have been also given a gray color and are not white. Meanwhile 159 002 is still running without livery but this will likely change soon.

On 11.04.2023 Marcin Seńczyk caught 159 001 with service 5784 from Bodø to Trondheim. He also made a video featuring the train.

ELP > CargoNet 159 001 in Tverlandet (NO) 11.04.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk
ELP > CargoNet 159 001 in Tverlandet (NO) 11.04.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk
ELP > CargoNet 159 001 between Oteråga and Fauske (NO) 11.04.2023 © Marcin Seńczyk

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