[BG] In the picture: 80 005 is the latest Smartron arrival for PIMK Rail


Be it passenger or freight trains, Capri Blue is a catching colour when it comes to modern locomotives on the Bulgarian railway network. The newest and shiniest of them all is PIMK Rail’s 80 005 delivered from Germany earlier today.

We’ve seen it happen before – new locos arrive in Bulgaria, and they start working immediately. Today the brand new 80 005 of PIMK Rail made just that by entering the country from the Serbian border station of Dimitrovgrad. The locomotive was tasked to take over the cross-border freight train used for its transfer across Europe.

Thanks to Krassen Panev (check out his YouTube channel), we bring you a visual and a video of the brand-new electric, working service 41141 in tandem with PIMK’s Smartron 80 006 on the stretch between Iskar and Kazichene stations near Sofia:

80 005 and 80 006 of PIMK Rail working a container freight in the outskirts of Sofia (BG) 15.12.2022 © Krassen Panev

Curious fact: Although the numbers of the two locomotives are consecutive, there is a three-year difference between them. Delivered in 2019, 80 006 (also known as “Roxana”) was the very first Smartron for Bulgaria. With their latest deliveries, both PIMK Rail and Bulmarket Rail Cargo are filling in the many gaps in the newly formed Class 80 (and not 1080), which goes all the way up to 80 054 of BDZ PP.

Meanwhile, PIMK Rail has announced a new investment in a workshop in Yabalkovo (BG). The facility will be authorised for the maintenance of Siemens-made rolling stock.


There are two more Smartrons expected to be delivered to Bulgaria in the near future. Check out the article below for more details:

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