[BG] In the picture: Smartron rush in Bulgaria [video]


Siemens’ Capri Blue is trendy in Bulgaria. With deliveries growing, both passenger and freight trains in the Balkan country can be seen operated by modern Siemens’ AC electrics. Last week, Railcolor News contributor Dimitar Mitkov (Flickr / YouTube) spotted several machines in a row. This calls for an “In the picture” post!

The parade starts at Kaspichan station in northeastern Bulgaria. This is where 80 026 of Bulmarket Rail Cargo and the ELL-leased 80 063 of Rail Cargo Carrier Bulgaria had a short meeting.

Bulmarket 80 026 & ELL > RCC BG 80 063

80 063 ELL > Rail Cargo Carrier Bulgaria and 80 026 of Bulmarket Rail Cargo standing side by side at Kaspichan station (BG) 29.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov

In Samuil, a Capri Blue trio appeared. this time as part of the PIMK Rail fleet. The loco train was headed by 80 007, followed by the brand-new 80 010 and 009.

PIMK 80 007, 80 010, and 80 009

PIMK Rail’s 80 007 together with 80 010 and 009 awaiting departure at in Samuil (BG) 29.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov

Let’s have a closer look at the newest locos for PIMK:

PIMK 80 009

80 009, 010 and 007 of PIMK Rail coupled together at Samuil station (BG) 29.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov

PIMK 80 010

A closer look at 80 010 of PIMK Rail, seen in Samuil (BG) 29.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov

Bonus I: PIMK 80 008 in its new livery

We’re wrapping up this Bulgarian Smartron parade with a more colourful loco. This is 80 008, which was recently given PIMK’s special “Style of the Future” livery:

80 008 in its ‘Style of the Future’ livery design, seen together with 80 019 on a freight train between Dolna Laka and Burgas 21.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov

Bonus II: BDZ PP 80 038 and the Orient Express

What this article missed was some passenger train action. To compensate, here is a rare sight with a BDZ PP Smartron and the Orient Express from early June:

BDZ PP 80 038 “Khan Krum” in Kamenyak (BG) with the VSOE 06.06.2023 © Dimitar Mitkov


Dimitar Mitkov also compiled a video, titled Smartland, which features a total of seven Smartron locomotives which he spotted in two hours that same day. Check it out by clicking the banner below:

For more details on PIMK’s latest pair of Smartrons, refer to the article below:

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