[AT] S-Bahn Steiermark ÖBB Talent in blue and white livery


When it comes to ÖBB, the corporate identity rules are pretty stringent, with red dominating both cargo and passenger trains. But, with regional services, even in Austria, we get more colours on rails. S-Bahn in Styria is the latest example.

Austrian Talents are becoming more and more colourful. After Upper Austria and Carinthia, the Styria-deployed units are starting to get livery variations. And unlike the previous examples of partial livery modifications, entirely different colours are being applied this time.

The first unit, seen in S-Bahn Steiermark blue and white livery, is 4024 039. The only red thing remaining on this EMU is the ÖBB logos on its sides, as well as the automatic coupler cover. Dominik Pauli captured this train on the Kartnerkogel viaduct of the picturesque Semmeringbahn:

4024 039 near Wolfsbergkogel on 29.11.2022 © Dominik Pauli