[DE] In the picture: Second restyled MaK DE 2700 for RDC

In February this year, Railcolor News featured “Cindy”, a Mak DE 2700 sporting the blue livery of RDC Deutschland. Last week a second loco of the same type was outshopped in new colors: this is “Carmela”.


On 26.08.2022, MaK DE 2700-02 left the LKM factory in Kiel-Friedrichsort with a shiny new outfit. Exterior-wise, the locomotive is identical to the one we saw at the start of the year (MaK DE 2700-02). Its name is “Carmela,” and it looks like this:

DE 2700-02 of RDC seen in Kiel (DE) © Berthold Hertzfeldt

The locomotive proceeded to the connecting railway towards Neuwittenbek, where the switch to the DB network took place. From there, it was sent toward Niebüll.

RDC and its DE 2700 fleet:

  • DE 2700-02 = 92 80 1251 002-2 D-RAG > “Carmela” in the new RD livery in blue, yellow, white;
  • DE 2700-03 = 92 80 1251 003-0 D-RAG > blue, yellow, “Kinder” design, different on both sides;
  • DE 2700-07 = 92 80 1251 007-2 D-RAG > “Cindy” in the new RD livery in blue, yellow, white.

For a detailed overview of DE 2700-07, its new livery design, as well as some historical highlights of the DE 2700s, visit our dedicated post below:

[DE] RDC presents its DE 2700-07 in a new livery [correction / updated]