[DE] ‘Thor’ is the first DE 2700 in Hector Rail design

At the end of last year, Hector Rail announced that it had acquired five diesel locomotives form Vossloh Locomotives. The Swedish rail operator acquired five six-axle DE 2700 type locomotives for use in Germany by its local subsidiary from Bochum.

The five machines come from a series of twelve, originally built in the 90s for the Norwegian Railways (NSB). However, NSB never took delivery of the machines and since then these have been operated by many different, predominantly German operators, such as RDC Deutschland, DB Regio, Niederrheinische Verkehrsbetriebe Aktiengesellschaft NIAG and Holzlogistik und Güterbahn (HLG).

DE 2700-04, -07, -08, -09 and -11 are now property of Hector Rail and the 11 is the first that was repainted in the known Hector Rail design in orange and grey. The 92 80 1251 011-3 D-HCTOR got a Hector Rail fleet number 861.001 and the name ‘Thor’.

Hector Rail 251 011 and 251 008 with an empty bomber train at Deutschenbora – 06.04.2018 – Photo: Sven Hohlfeld
Hector Rail 251 011 and 251 008 with an empty bomber train from Rhäsa arrives at Nossen – 06.04.2018 – Photo: Sven Hohlfeld
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