[DE] EGP’s Vectron 247 904 gets more logos


Remember EGP’s Vectron DE locomotives in white, blue, and yellow? One of them had its exterior appearance slightly changed recently.

247 904, one of two Vectron diesel-electrics owned by Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam (EGP), is now sporting even more corporate markings on its network-inspired livery design.  The new additions are the logos of Rail Cargo Austria and Stern & Hafferl – both Austrian companies. As a result, the locomotive now looks like this:

EGP’s 247 904 sporting its new extra stickers © Florian Lungstein

Stern & Hafferl and Rail Cargo Group are official partners in freight transport.

Why these logos and why these locomotives are in Austria in the first place is explained here:

[DE/AT] EGP Vectron diesel locomotives in Austria, why?