[CA] The City of Ottawa presents the O-Train FLIRT fleet [video]


Stadler is making further progress with its O-Train FLIRT project for Canada. In mid-July, the City of Ottawa officially presented the new fleet at the Walkley Maintenance and Storage Facility.

The right time has come for Stadler and the City of Ottawa to unveil the new O-Train FLIRT EMU in Canada. This happened on 15.07.2022 in the Walkley workshops that are being used for maintenance and storage activities as part of the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT)’s O-Train South Extension. The event took place in the presence of officials who also had the opportunity to tour one of the new trains (namely unit C13). Check out this tweet for some views from the ceremony.

Stadler is delivering a total of seven such trains with a passenger capacity of up to 420 people. As the trains arrive in Ottawa, they are tested before acceptance. For a more detailed overview of the trains, check out this longer video by RMTransit.

About the Stage 2 South Extension

The FLIRT trains have been purchased as part of the Stage 2 LRT project to run on the extended O-Train South line. The ‘Stage 2 South Extension’ is set to add an additional 16 km of track to the existing O-Train South line, which runs from Bayview Station to Greenboro Station. Two new stations, Corso Italia and Walkley, will be added along the existing corridor. New tracks will be added to extend the LRT south to Limebank Road to serve Ottawa’s fast-growing southern communities, with new stations at South Keys, Leitrim, Bowesville, and Limebank. The project also includes a link at South Keys Station to the airport, with two new stations at Uplands and the Airport.

The existing fleet of Alstom Cordia LINT trains, which previously provided service on O-Train Line 2, will operate on the Airport Link from South Keys Station to the Airport Station.

Earlier on Railcolor News previewed unit C11, as seen in Switzerland:

[CA] In the picture: This is the Stadler FLIRT for O-Train of Canada