[EU] Tender Update 09.07.2022


Welcome to a summer edition of Tender Update. Tempo is slowing down with vacations in full swing but there is still some interesting activity on TED. These are the highlights:

  • [DE] DB Fernverkehr AG has issued an interesting tender for a pre-commercial procurement for the development in partnership of two-vehicle concepts of electric high-speed trains with a maximum train length of 400m and a maximum speed of at least 300 km/h for the area of operation in Germany (incl. border stations Basel SBB and Salzburg). Prior to the start of the actual procurement project titled ‘HGV 3.0’, the contracting authority intends to award a contract for the development of a vehicle concept. Requests for participation are accepted by 14.07.2022. We wrote about this earlier.
  • [DE] HLB Hessenbahn GmbH is procuring 3 battery-powered multiple units + option for an extra 1 vehicle for use for transport services in the “Eifel-Westerwald-Sieg Lot2” regional passenger transport network for the 2024/2025 timetable change. Deadline for submissions: 22.07.2022.
  • [DE] Hessische Landesbahn GmbH is looking to acquire from 5 to 15 EMUs for use in transport services in the “Rheingau Express” regional passenger transport network for the 2025/2026 timetable change. Submissions are accepted by 14.07.2022.
  • [ES] Renfe Mercancías has published its tender for the supply of 12+6 locomotives equipped with ERTMS, as well as their maintenance. The value of the contract is EUR 178.5 million and the deadline for submissions is 08.07.2022. Learn more about the project here.
  • [IT] Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. (RFI) has extended the deadline for its tender for 26 traction units in three lots with a total value of EUR 135 million from 20.06.2022 to 14.09.2022.
  • [IT] Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility has extended its tender for the supply, commissioning, and full-service maintenance of a total of 15 hydrogen multiple trainsets for the Ferrovia circumetnea (FCE) narrow gauge to 03.11.2022.
  • [RO] Romania’s Railway Authority has extended the time limit of its RE-R (regional electric) trainsets to 19.07.2022. Read more about the prospects of new rolling stock for Romania here.
  • [RO] An interesting tender for the modernizaiton of a 760mm-gauge L45H-79 diesel locomotive was issued by Romsilva – Regia Nationala a Padurilor. Companies are invited to send their offers by 11.08.2022.
  • [SK] ZSSK has issued a periodic indicative notice for the purchase or lease of air-conditioned sleeper carriages for domestic and international transport, which must comply with RIC. The estimated date of publication of the contract notice is 08.08.2022.