[EU / Expert] Tender Update 02.11.2020

Our expert subscribers get a periodic overview of the modern rolling stock tenders across Europe. In this edition of ‘Tender update,’ we bring you some interesting news from several countries:

  • [CZ] ČD’s tender procedure for the leasing of up to 50 electric interoperable locomotives has been extended. Requests for participation can be now sent by 04.11.2020 (instead of 29.10.2020)
  • [CH] Vallat Partenaires has extended the time limit for the reception of requests for participation in its tender for 4  (+4) shunting locomotives from 16.10.2020 to 27.11.2020.
  • [DE] Regionalverkehre Start Deutschland is looking for diesel multiple units (DMUs) including spare parts supply for services of the Lahntal-Vogelsberg-Rhön (LVR) traffic tender. Maintenance services will be optional. The announcement or the award of the contract is subject to the condition that the relevant transport services are commissioned by the contracting authority which is expected to happen in December 2023.
  • [PL] PKP Cargo’s tender for five MS electrics has not been awarded. The reason – no companies submitted requests for participation in the specified timeframe;
  • [PL] Yet another deadline extension for participation in PKP IC’s tender for 10 MS electrics – from 22.10.2020 to 05.11.2020;
  • [PL] As already covered in detail by Railcolor News, Newag will supply two bi-mode Impuls trainsets to Koleje Dolnośląskie;
  • [PL] Tabor Dębica has won PCC Intermodal’s tender for the delivery of three modernized locomotives based on series SM42. The contract value is EUR 2.79 million;
  • [RO] Once again, Romania Railway Authority (RRA)’s tender for 20 interregional (RER) EMU’s has been extended. Interested parties may now submit their requests for participation by 26.11.2020 (previously 07.08.2020);
  • [SK] ZSSK has issued a tender for the supply of 9 (+11 optional) multisystem EMUs, including maintenance. The trains should be able to operate under 3 kV DC and 25 kV, 50Hz with a top speed of 160 km/h. They need to be TSI-compliant, offering a capacity of 300 seats. The future contract is valued at EUR 169.5 million. Requests for participation can be submitted by 18.12.2020;
  • [UK] London North Eastern Railway (LNER) has issued a periodic indicative notice for the supply of a minimum fleet of ten (10) InterCity trains for use at the East Coast Main Line. The trains shall be fully rated for operation on 25 kV Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) and with significant self-power capability for operation away from the OLE. On-Board Energy Storage (OBES) for traction will be specified as a mandatory requirement to reduce, and wherever practicable eliminate, diesel usage where it would otherwise be necessary. LNER anticipates that some degree of diesel traction may be required to supplement the OBES to meet all the self-power requirements.
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