[DK] Arriva Denmark restyles its Lint – will the customers like it?



Even more colors from Denmark this summer as Deutsche Bahn-owned Arriva releases a new livery design for evaluation on one of its Coradia Lint DMUs. There are interior changes as well.

Last week a different kind of Arriva Lint made its first appearance on the Danish railway network. The operator which is famous for its teal-colored branding (seen in a number of European countries) has developed a new exterior design for one of its DMUs, an Alstom-built Coradia Lint. More specifically, unit ‘AR 2046’ was the one that received the new design:

AR 2046 of Arriva Denmark, seen between Laven and Ry (DK) on 28.06.2022 © Anders Falk Jensen

About the design

The livery features a teal-white-teal gradient that spans across the bodies of the two cars, white doors, and accents on the upper parts of the cabs, as well as Arriva’s updated logo, prominently displayed on the sides of the train.

There are also improvements related to the interior, as well as comfort enhancements such as new (and more) seats, as well as improved acoustics.

AR 2046 of Arriva Denmark, seen between Laven and Ry (DK) on 28.06.2022 © Anders Falk Jensen

Testing, testing

According to Arriva, the design has been released on a trial basis only. User (passenger) evaluation via surveys will follow before a potential rollout on the rest of Arriva’s fleet.

About Arriva Denmark’s Coradia Lint fleet

Arriva operates three generations of Coradia Lint trainsets that amount to 43 DMUs in total:

  • Units AR 1001 – 1029 = 29x DMUs leased from Angel Trains (built between 2003 and 2004);
  • Units AR 2040 – 2051 = 12x DMUs owned by Arriva (built in 2010);
  • Units AR 2052 – 2053 = 2x DMUs owned by Arriva – acquired from Vestbanen in 2020 (built in 2012).
AR 2041 and AR 1002 of Arriva Denmark at Struer station (DK) 15.05.2022 © Konstantin Planinski / OnTrack

The last time Railcolor News covered Arriva Denmark it was in relation to the acquisition of former DSB Desiro DMUs:

[DK / Expert] Arriva expands its presence in Denmark with former DSB Desiros

At present Arriva Denmark is leasing a single Desiro to another Danish operator, Midtjyske Jernbaner. The latter recently placed an order for 7 battery-powered Mireo Smart trainsets to Siemens Mobility.