[DE] Caro. Schweerbau’s one and only EuroDual in pictures


More and more Stadler EuroDuals are on duty in Germany. Some are used for freight trains, others are specialized in construction logistics. Schweerbau’s only EuroDual, 2159 236, is a locomotive of the latter category.

More than half a year ago, Railcolor News revealed that Schweerbau Logistik is leasing a single EuroDual locomotive from ELP. An artist’s impression accompanied this, but we never published any photos of this locomotive. It is time to fix this.

Locomotive 2159 236 has, in the meantime, also received a name: Caro, visible just below the side windows:

ELP > Schweerbau Logistik Stadler EuroDual 159 236 on a Hamburg – Neuss rail grinding train near Kaarst-Tilmeshof on 19.02.2022 © Jeroen de Vries

The livery very much resembles the initial impression; A yellow stripe all around, and little houses complement the Schweerbau Logistik GmbH logo.

Schweerbau’s EuroDual 159 236 replacing DB Cargo traction, powering by Altenkessel with diesel power on 18.04.2022 © Rocco Weidner
Schweerbau’s EuroDual 159 236 in Hamburg-Eidelstedt on 18.02.2022 © Andreas Staal