[FR] In the picture: TGV M power (and intermediate) cars in transit


At the end of March 2022, Railcolor News informed you about the first TGV M power car leaving the Belfort factory. This time we show you the double-deck intermediate cars of the latest, fourth generation of very high-speed trains for France.

We thank Valentin D for the cooperation and his pictures.

The next generation of TGV trains is in production. It is planned to start rolling them out in two years. As time progresses, we are witnessing how individual cars of the trainset are outshopped. Again you see two (very compact) power cars back to back and a seven-car set of double-deck cars on their way to La Rochelle:

SNCF has one hundred of these trainsets on order, and they will gradually enter operation over a period of ten years, starting in 2024.

Railcolor News follows the birth of the TGV ‘M’ / Avelia Horizon step by step. The cooperation for this ambitious project between Alstom and SNCF dates back to 2016; an order for 100 Avelia Horizon trainsets was announced in 2018, and in 2020 an internal livery design competition took place. Last year we showed you a project overview including close-ups of the new power cars and the special designs for the first sets.