[FR] SNCF wants 100 ‘high speed trains of the future’

Let’s start with the bad news, no it is not known what ‘TGV du Futur’ looks like exactly. The image used in this article is a general Avelia design study from 2016. The good news however is that the French railways (SNCF Mobilité) wants to order 100 units of the new ‘5th generation TGV design’, that is under development since 2015.

Today, Alstom France placed the following announcement on twitter:

The new was made public by the French Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire today at a press conference that followed one about the merger of Alstom and Siemens. In the next months, the Board of SNCF Mobilité will have to approve the plan and then the order is final.

The first new high speed trains for France should be commissioned in 2022. To speed up the development of the new trains SNCF, Alstom and the French government set up a innovation partnership in 2016, named ‘SpeedInnov’. The companies work together from a shared workspace in Paris. The SpeedInnov planning:

  • Joint definition and specification of the new TGV, until the end of 2017
  • Detailed design, industrialisation and approval, for a duration of approximately 4 years
  • Production, train delivery, and entry into commercial service scheduled for mid-2022.

To remain competitive, the ‘TGV du futur’ needs to be:

  • Cheaper: reduce acquisition and operating costs by at least 20%
  • Better for the environment: material recyclability rate of over 90%
  • More energy efficient: reduction in energy consumption of at least 25%
  • Offer more seats: a 20% increase in capacity
  • Be more connected

The results of SpeedInnov will complement the high-speed trains of Alstom’s Avelia range (partially developed in the context of the “TGV of the Future” programme co-financed by the state). The image in this article shows an Alstom Avelia double deck design study. Its design is related to the Avelia Alstom is currently developing for Alstom from the United States.

The new trains in France will replace older TGV trains on the ‘Sud-Est’ and ‘Atlantinque’ routes. One train will have to carry more then 700 passengers and will have an operation top speed of 300-320 km/h.

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