[CZ] In the picture: Second to last Metrans Vectron and its fanclub


Metrans is almost done, with the introduction of its latest Vectron locomotives. Numerous trainspotters are tracking them down for a photo opportunity while they’re still nice and shiny.

Czech railway operator Metrans now has nineteen (out of twenty) Vectron locomotives in service. 383 419 is the second to last of the second batch. On 16.03.2022, the sparkling got portrayed by twelve (!) train photographers at the scenic Ústi nad Labem Střekov setting. Martin Drube was one of them. Enjoy his beautiful photo below:

383 419 of Metrans in Ústi nad Labem Střekov (CZ) 16.03.2022 © Martin Drube

P.S. Notice the 14th-century Střekov castle in the background.

For an overview of the Metrans Vectrons, refer to our [Data] page below:

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