[SK] Budamar’s new Vectrons in operation for Lokorail


Railcolor News would like to thank Michal Plíhal and Tivadar Borbély for their pictures.

Lokorail? Indeed. Railcolor News brought you the information about the long-term lease of ten new Vectron locomotives from Rolling Stock Lease (RSL) to Budamar Group. So far, two locomotives were handed over and they are both working for Budamar Group’s subsidiary, Lokorail.

383 216 has already been spotted pulling a tank train across Slovakia:

RSL 383 216 along with 740 447 on 08.03.2022 near Teplička nad Hornádom © Michal Plíhal

383 217 was spotted resting in the Hungarian station of Győr, awaiting to be coupled to an empty car train.

RSL / Budamar 383 207 in Győr on 04.03.2022 © Tivadar Borbély