[DE] In the picture: Ida and the leaves now on Captrain EuroDual

Not long ago, Captrain Deutschland applied a special livery to one of its Siemens Vectron Dual-Mode locomotives. This time, the mascotte re-appears in a similar design on another dual-mode locomotive in Captrain’s fleet. 

Leaves and ant Ida represent the new livery of 159 102 © Florian Weise

The green message of railway transportation needs to be heard, and the best carriers of these messages are locomotives.

159 102 delivers sand and gravel for new pavings manufacturing in its new livery © Florian Weise

The green leaves and a mascotte ant Ida now also decorate EuroDual 159 102, similar to the design of 248 008, and it truly stands out when hauling the aggregate trains across Germany.

“For a sustainable and efficient logistics,.” says the message on Captrain’s EuroDual 159 102 © Florian Weise,