[DE] ELL 193 485 in a new design promoting Lok-Spitze Bahnpersonal [updated]

update 18.11.2021 – two new pictures added.

As of 01.01.2021, the RATH Group has a new member: Lok-Spitze Bahnpersonal (LSB) from Bavaria. It is active in the field of personnel services. On 05.11.2021 ELL-locomotive 193 485, operated by RTB Cargo, was released in a special design promoting LSB.

The livery of this ELL multi-system electric was developed by Railcolor Design and is related to the designs of RATH’s own Vectron (193 564/565/791/792/793) and Smartron electrics (192 014/015/016). It depicts elements such as the Bavarian flag and Watzmann mountain.

Mathias Oestreich was on the road on 07.11.2021 and caught the locomotive in Nidderau (DE):

ELL > RTB Cargo 193 485 in Nidderau on 07.11.2021 © Mathias Oestreich

Locomotive 193 485 was plain white up till now. It was first seen in October 2020, not assigned to a specific customer. We have seen it operated by WLC, Cargo Motion, and RegioJet before it came to RTB Cargo. It is not clear to us which country-specific package is installed at the moment.

ELL > RTB Cargo 193 485 in Nidderau on 07.11.2021 © Mathias Oestreich

update 18.11.2021:

ELL > RTB Cargo 193 485 in Bottrop-Süd on 10.11.2021 © Sebtastian Todt
ELL > RTB Cargo 193 485 in Rotterdam-Pernis on 15.11.2021 © John van Staaijeren
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