[EU] 1000 TAK! Siemens and DSB celebrate arrival of the 1.000th Vectron locomotive


“1000 TAK” or “thank you a thousand” – this is the message of the special red Vectron locomotive, that left the factory gates in Munich on 23.10.2021. For Siemens Mobility, OnTrack and Railcolor managed the design project, the application and we followed the transport to Copenhagen. Come along and get to know Vectron 1.000:

The road to 1.000

In 2010, Siemens presented its first cost-efficient and flexible locomotive platform for the European market: the Vectron. Since 2006, it worked hard on a locomotive design to compete with TRAXX and replace Siemens’ EuroSprinter products.

The presentation took place in two steps. On 20.06.2010, Siemens invited the international press to Wegberg-Wildenrath to encounter the first Vectron locomotives. 2,5 months later, during InnoTrans 2010, the Vectron was launched to a broader public.

Siemens 193 901 in Wegberg-Wildenrath on 29.06.2010 © Simon Wijnakker

Since 2010 many things have happened. We count 60 different operators and lease companies that have ordered Vectrons machines – more than 1.100 in total. Vectrons AC/DC/MS electrics are authorized for operating in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

250, 500, 750… Milestones

Every time Siemens completes a batch of 250 locomotives, the manufacturer celebrates. MRCE X4E-642, DB Cargo Deutschland 193 331, and ELL 193 756 got special markings:

But of course, no.1000 deserved extra attention. In cooperation with DSB, the future owner of this machine, prominent 1.000 markings were added:

DSB EB 3240 ‘Vectron 1.000’ © Siemens Mobility

The creation

Together with Siemens and DSB, we created the final design for EB 3240, and we closely monitored the application in the factory in Munich:


The wrapping took place on 19.10.2021 in München-Allach. The design is in line with the corporate identity of DSB:

DSB EB 3240 ‘Vectron 1.000’ © Siemens Mobility

You will notice that EB 3240 has Vectron production number 1.203. This is because production order and delivery order are two different things.

No. 1 and no. 1000: The meeting

On 21.10.2021, Siemens celebrated the milestone officially with an employee event in Munich. DSB’s EB 3240 was accompanied by the first Vectron ever built, Siemens 21691 / 193 901.

Note that the Vectron design did not change much over the past 11 years. You can distinguish the newer models by details such as the rounded frame elements and the cab door’s extra handle.

Správa železnic (ex Siemens) 193 901 and DSB EB 3240 – officially Vectron no. 1 and no.1000 © Siemens Mobility
  • About 193 901: This locomotive is best known for its Siemens white/silver design. Only very recently, the news broke that the locomotive, more than 11 years old, had just been sold to Sprava Zeleznič. 901 got a new wrap in dark blue and was about to leave for the Czech Republic, with 383 413/414 for Metrans.

The Transport

EB 3240 started its journey to Denmark on 23.10.2021, together with EB 3239. RailAdventure was responsible for the transfer to Padborg, while Hectorrail would take over on Danish territory.

DSB EB 3239 and EB 3240 ‘Vectron 1.000’ © Siemens Mobility

After spending the night in Braunschweig, the journey continued northbound. Arrival in Denmark’s Padborg took place a little before 4 PM on 24.10. Before heading back to Germany, RailAdventure’s 111 shunted the two new Vectrons to the southern end of the station.

On 25.10, it was time for acceptance tests, following a standard practice carried out by DSB with the assistance of Hectorrail. The brake tests take place on the line Tinglev – Rødekro, which is close to the border.

In the afternoon, the last leg of the transfer was the road to Copenhagen’s central locomotive workshop. Curiously, the locomotives did not travel light to Denmark’s capital but were pulled Hectorrail 241.002. Previously we observed this practice only with the first deliveries from last year. Arrival in Copenhagen took place shortly after 7 PM the same night.

The presentation

DSB EB 3240 ‘Vectron 1’000’ © Siemens Mobility

On 27.10, DSB and Siemens marked the delivery during a closed ceremony inside the depot, attended by Steen Nørby Nielsen (Siemens Mobility Denmark) and Flemming Jensen (DSB), as well Denmark’s transport minister, Benny Engelbrecht.

Time for action!

Special liveries and official events are all lovely, but the thing we are waiting for is to see the 1,000th Vectron driving its first train with passengers.

DSB EB 3240 ‘Vectron 1.000’ © Siemens Mobility

Before that happens, DSB needs to conduct another set of tests, this time with a set of double-deck cars around Copenhagen. When completed, we will finally see EB 3240 enter commercial service. And there will be lots of photos and videos showing just that of it, we promise.

The 1.000 Vectron is a project by OnTrack and Railcolor for Siemens Mobility.

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