Official statement about / hello

I have to start this post with a mea culpa. I am sorry that during the past four days, the URL is not functioning. Next to that, I owe you some answers that explain what is happening behind the scenes: is not offline; it has moved:

The website is alive and kicking, but under a brand new name and URL: Yet, we have not prepared you guys for this change. Be sure to add this website to your favorites! For now, URL will redirect to for the next two months. After that, will take you to

The database website will not go behind a paywall

Since 2008, took you to the database website about modern tri-phase electric locomotives. Since 2018 the news section of got its own website,, which is now a (this) commercial website with a paywall.

The database previously found under will not follow this example. The team only creates open, non-commercial projects available to everyone. For those that have contributed to the website since 2008, your pictures and information are safe, will remain free to everyone – see

Why is this happening?

Over the past few years, and existed next to each other. They have similar names, similar logos. Since 2008, was a cooperation between me, Simon Wijnakker, and the team of I was responsible for the design, the content, the news, and I took care of updating the numerous data lines. took care of the technical development of the website and the big database behind it that contains all the information.

The project became bigger and bigger, and in 2018 I had to make the decision. Shall I stop, or shall I try to make a living out of this? I chose the second option and decided to start, the news portal you are visiting right now.

Yet, the “old” database website, still containing a lot of valuable information, was not abandoned. Step by step, other lok-datenbank team members are picking up where I have left. Yet, you understand that slowly but steadily, responsibilities changed. These days I have to focus on my own activities, and will further integrate the “old” into its own projects. To clarify who is responsible for what, we decided to rename and rebrand the database website:

As stated before, I will keep my URL and brand name, and we will use it for a limited amount of time (2 months) to get everybody used to the new name. Later on, it will be redirected to and/or other Railcolor projects.

Best regards,

Simon Wijnakker