[ES] 24 MW in one picture: Euro6000s for Alpha Trains and Captrain España

So far, we have identified three Stadler Rail Euro 6000 locomotives for Alpha Trains. That the production is on track, is proven by the picture shown below; four locomotives on the test track behind Stadler’s Albuixech factory near Valencia, Spain.

Brace yourselves. These four multi-system, electric locomotives have a combined power rating of 24,600 kW; 6,150 kW each. Andresmt9 has captured the quartet:

Four Stadler Euro 6000 locomotives on the test track of the Stadler plant Albuixech, near Valencia. Photo by andresmt9

The machines are a part of a framework agreement with Alpha Trains / Captrain España. A fixed order for 11 locomotives has been placed. You can read all details here:

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