[SE] Vectron 193 970 becomes 243.222 of Hector Rail (and Flixtrain)

Remember the two all-white Vectrons which made it to Sweden recently? One of them has turned green now, the reason being Hector Rail’s cooperation with Flixtrain.

Two former Siemens testbeds (193 970 and 971) were recently acquired by Hector Rail of Sweden. The first of them can be already seen in passenger operations with Flixtrain.

On 08.05.2021, Vectron 193 970 (now known as 243.222) was spotted near Sävenäs. And it looks like this:

243.222 (193 970) of Hector Rail with a Flixtrain service in Sävenäs (SE) 08.05.2021 Photo credit: Kasper Dudzik

About the design

Gone are the special Vectron markings, and the silver highlights of the cabs. Now the machine has been given a plain green ‘Flix’ wrap. But it’s not quite like the other two ‘Flixtrons’ that Hector Rail is providing for low-cost passenger services in Sweden. The frame is all grey (and not orange), to begin with. Also, the lower part of the grille between the lights is two rows white instead of white and orange. All this is due to the differences in the original coating of the electrics. Care to compare yourself? Check out the photo of 243.001 below:

241 001 (193 923) of Hector Rail, seen at Gothenburg C. (SE) 19.04.2021 Photo credit: Björn Nettervik / Hector Rail

This latest development is part of a bigger picture. The newly-liveried Vectron is in fact the third, spare, locomotive that will be used for Flixtrain services in Sweden. 243.001 and 002 are the other two:

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To learn more about 193 970 and 971’s delivery to Sweden, check out the story below:

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