[DE] Reuniting with loved ones: An ICE 4 with cute kids’ drawings theme [video]

Remember “Der kleine ICE” of DB Personenverkehr? Now, the German passenger operator is back with another cute initiative for the smallest fans of railway transport. It focuses on the idea of reuniting with loved ones and it’s an ICE 4 that is promoting it.

DB Personenverkehr’s seven-car ICE 4 9218 has been recently transformed into a mobile exhibition of 25 children’s pictures – all of them stickered onto the train’s exterior.

Copyright: DB / Patrick Kuschfeld

As of 14.04.2021, the high-speed trainset has been promoting the works of young artists across Germany. These were selected following a contest and show the favorite people that the children are missing – a topic that can easily relate to the pandemic restrictions that Germany is currently facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. DB even registered the domain “wiedersehen-mit-den-liebsten.de” which roughly translates as “see your loved ones again”.

Want to see the train for yourself? If you’re in Germany, check out the following map which shows its location on a daily basis.


And if you’re outside of Germany, DB has got you covered with the following nice video, showcasing the project. Enjoy watching! We know we did.

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