[DE] ‘Der kleine ICE’ just got a little bigger [edit]

One end car of Deutsche Bahn’s ICE3 no. 314 got new stickers – the train now looks like DB’s mascotte/children’s toy ‘der kleine ICE’ (the little ICE). More precise: end car no. 406 514 got this cheerful new look – 406 014019 was not changed.

Tobi Schubbert captured the ‘cute’ train at Erfurt main station, while on its way to Berlin as ICE service 1006. We thank him for sharing his picture with us:

403 514 ‘Der kleine ICE’, running ICE service 1006 to Berlin-Gesundbrunnen, seen at Erfurt main station on 15.05.2019 Photo: Tobi Schubbert

And this is how a Kleine ICE toy is made: