[DE] The final thing: The Alstom hydrogen train for LNVG and EVB (updated)

554 001/501 – numbers of a series-produced Alstom iLint hydrogen multiple unit. The train, in white and blue was featured today in a tweet by Alstom Germany:

  • Alstom builds 14 Coradia iLint trains in Salzgitter for LNVG;
  • EVB will operate them starting in December 2021;
  • First ever series-produced fuel cell train for passenger service;
  • Will replace diesel trains in regional passenger service;
  • Linde provides for the hydrogen supply of the trains.

Two things are remarkable: The two prototype trains are numbered 654 101/601 and 654 102/602, so the number plan has been changed. Also note that the headlights seem to have grown a bit, compared to the current models (and the iLint prototypes).

Alstom Coradia iLint prototype 654 101/601 – Photo: Alstom