[EU] Keep the fire burning! TX Logistik reveals the new livery of X4E-878 [updatedx2]

Flames that represent a passion (for railways) – this is the theme that FS-owned TX Logistik chose for its MRCE-leased Vectron X4E-878. And yes we’ve seen that happen before…but with a different type of electric.

We thank Martin Voigt and Wouter Radstake for their contribution.

01.12.2020: The Vectron solo:

MRCE > TX Logistik X4E-878 on 01.12.2020 – Martin Voigt

28.11.2020: both fire-y locomotives and a freight train:

MRCE > TX Logistik ES64U2-072 and X4E 878 at Mainz-Boschofsheim – 27.11.2020 – TXL 43151 (Köln Eifeltor – Verona Q.E.) – Wouter Radstake

In the past few days TX Logistik had been building up attention to a new werbelok release. Today, the special moment finally came and the design was officially presented – and put into commercial service right away. Meet 878’s new clothes flames:

coming and going – MRCE > TX Logistik X4E-878 and ES64U2-072 – 27.11.2020 – TX Logistik

“Wir Brennen Für Das Was Wir Tun” or “We are passionate about what we do” in English – this is the slogan that can be seen on the loco’s sides. A nice word play with the German word brennen meaning both burn and being passionate in German. And in the end it is all about passion:

“This is important to us these days. We have such a strong team – both on the track and in all other areas of TX. Our special team spirit carries us through these times,” – Gian Paolo Gotelli, CEO of TX Logistik

coming and going – MRCE > TX Logistik X4E-878 and ES64U2-072 – 27.11.2020 – TX Logistik

A successor of a famous locomotive

As seen in the video above, the design comes as a sequel to the operator’s famous EuroSprinter in flames (MRCE ES 64 U2-072), that was released four years ago. In fact, both locomotives were seen side by side during today’s presentation in Köln/Cologne Elfeltor (DE), with the EuroSprinter in the lead. And it looks like TX Logistik will be soon saying goodbye to that one. For a closer look and more detailed information on how ES 64 U2-072 got its flames, see our article below:

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