[FI] A Powerhaul double: Operail Oy starts operation in Finland [updated]

Operail has started operator in the land of thousand lakes. The newly broad-gauged Wabtec Powerhaul locomotives were coupled together to provide traction to the first load of wood.

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At the end of June 2020, some of Wabtec’s never-deployed Powerhaul locomotives found a new owner. It was a Finnish subsidiary Operail Oy, which was getting ready to enter the liberalized freight rail market and join VR Group and Fenniarail on these Nordic rails.

On 03.11.2020 preparations were completed and the six-axle locomotives (29008 and 29010) started with a wood train in double-traction. The route started in Vainikkala at the Russian border and ended at the port of Koverhar, approximately 350 km away. The operator of this port, Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, is focusing mainly on dry bulk cargo, and it is the first customer of Operail Oy.

Locomotive 29008 and 29010 both pulled the first wood train between Vainikkala and Koverhar on 03.11.2020. Photo credit: Operail Oy

Did you notice?

The locomotives now feature an animal element too. What seems to be a canine jumping on its prey is a new livery component on both of the locomotives currently in operation in Finland:

Operail 29008 and 29010 – 03.11.2020 – Eemi-Rasmus Heino

Update 05.11.2020: 

Railcolor News was curious about the story behind the new canine beast on the side of locomotives. We have addressed Operail with an inquiry about it:

“Our brand illustrations are a vision of the future of railways and logistics: robotic animals, intelligent machines, and means of transport. The illustrations are in a way Operail’s figurative view of the future, a set of visual metaphors.” Priit Ramat, Communications Manager, Operail

Photo credit: Operail