[DE] Bold and Blue: 192 018 with LEG logos [updated]

Sometimes you just have to be bold. And blue. For a while now, Paribus/Northrail locomotive, hired to Leipziger Eisenbahnverkehrsgesellschaft (LEG) has new logos.

Martin Drube was able to have a good look at the design of the machine at Leipzig Hauptnbahnhof on 20.09.2020:

Paribus > Northrail > LEG 192 018 at Leipzig Hauptbahnhof on 20.09.2020 – Martin Drube

And Christian Klotz caught the machine with freight train four days later:

Paribus > Northrail > LEG 192 018 in Grosspürschütz on 24.09.2020 – Christian Klotz

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