[Creativity] Guiding colors: The new design for Stuttgart’s ET430s

An S-Bahn geared completely to the needs of passengers. This is the ambitious goal that the Stuttgart S-Bahn has set for the near future. To do that it had to redesign both the exterior and the interior of its BR 430 EMUs. In this Article, Railcolor News explores closely the exterior and interior design concepts, crafted by the Neomind design studio from Munich.

Stuttgart’s S-Bahn is up for a transformation in the near future. Instead of the classic DB traffic red paint scheme, the ET430 fleet is to feature a new light grey livery with striking color elements marking special compartments. The first trains are to hit the tracks at the end of 2021.

The new livery will be applied to the vehicles currently in use as part of the regular repainting process, which the trains need every fifteen years due to weather conditions. The 58 additional S-Bahn trains ordered last year will too be delivered in the new design.