[RO] In the picture: The first Smartrons for Romania have arrived [updated x2]


Soon there will be a total of six Siemens Smartron locomotives driving trains in Romania for E-P Rail and Unicom Tranzit. This month, three of them already arrived. And the first Smartron livery design from Romania is already a fact.

Railcolor News thanks Andi David, Antonio Istrate, Constantin Vlad, and Matei Stefan for their photo-contributions. The article was originally published on 24.07.2020 – and updated on 10.07.2020 and 13.07.2020 – now we see the Unicom Tranzit Smartrons in action (scroll down to see the updates).

E-P Rail and Unicom Tranzit are Siemens’ launch customers for its Smartron platform in Romania. Although they were originally released with ‘higher’ numbers from the plant in Munich, it will be a whole new series ‘192’ for Romania. Hence, the numbering starts from scratch.

192 003 of E-P Rail

This was actually the first Smartron to arrive. And being first always gives you an advantage. In this case, for a fresh livery application…

E-P Rail’s 192 003 in Curtici (RO) on 21.06.2020 Photo credit: Constantin Vlad

… and for entry into service. This locomotive was already seen several times driving freight trains. Andi David spotted it in Dârste on 18.06.2020:

E-P Rail’s 192 003, seen in Dârste (RO) on 18.06.2020 Photo credit: Andi David

And Antonio Istrate took the following picture on 18.06.2020 in Breaza:

E-P Rail’s 192 003, seen in Breaza, (RO) 18.06.2020 Photo credit: Antonio Istrate

Notice the red pusher locomotive way in the back? This is a six-axle Transmontana. E-P Rail has a total of five of these  – as seen on Railcolor News.

Unicom Tranzit

But what about the other two? 192 001 and 002 are property of Unicom Tranzit. They made their appearance in Romania just a few days ago – still all-blue. And they were not alone (192 003 was there too) – as seen by Constantin Vlad on 21.06.2020 in Curtici:

192 001 and 002 of Unicom Tranzit, together with 192 003 of E-P Rail in Curtici (RO) on 21.06.2020 Photo credit: Constantin Vlad

We expect that Unicom Tranzit’s Smartrons will get a blue-green livery – which are the colors that this operator has been applying to its other locomotives. Stay tuned for updates!

Update 10.07.2020

Sometimes second comes first – 192 002 premiered the Unicom Tranzit Smartron fleet in commercial service. On 09.07.2020, Matei Stefan spotted the locomotive in Bacau (RO) with a container train from to Constanta from Roman, where it arrived with a loaded tank car train previously. We expect that 192 001 will too enter service any day now.

192 002, seen in Bacau (RO) with a container train to Constanta 09.07.2020 Photo credit: Matei Stefan

Update 13.07.2020

Well, that didn’t take long! 192 001 is also out and about now. Andi David caught it on a green-blue freight service in Brașov (RO):

192 001 of Unicom Tranzit with a freight train in Brașov (RO) 11.07.2020 Photo credit: Andi David

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