[FR] In the picture: Network tests with X’Trapolis Cityduplex commence

At the end of May, Railcolor News brought you a preview of the X’Trapolis Cityduplex (aka ‘RER NG’), while on the move as a ‘dead’ train. Now, tests are advancing and the test unit is already moving on its own.

Railcolor News thanks Romain Vergneres for his image contribution.

Recently, some of the first self-propelled test drives of Alstom/Bombardier X ‘Trapolis Cityduplex suburban EMU trainset (named RER NG by SNCF) started. The image below, which was taken on 26.06.2020, shows the first trainset Z 58001/002 at CF2 in Nançois-Tronville – shortly after its departure from Nançois to start on the 12-kilometer test track:

Unit Z 58001/002 seen in in Nançois-Tronville (FR) 26.06.2020 Photo credit: Romain Vergneres