[CH] Option confirmed: Twenty more Capricorns for Rhätische Bahn

When 36 four-car narrow-gauge EMUs were ordered in 2016 by Rhätische Bahn (RhB), the contract included an option for twenty more units. On 12.06.2020, the option was confirmed, further modernizing and standardizing the RhB fleet. Stadler Rail may now deliver 56 trains in total.

Worth over 160 million EUR, the new trains will be of the same “Retica30”-design as the ones unveiled in spring 2019. Operating on a one-meter gauge railway in the Graubünden canton, the EMUs are now better known under their catchy Capricorns name.  You can find all the details about EMUs in a Railcolor News overview.

RhB 3112 at Landquart station 19.10.2019 Photo by Gunther Lange

Let’s recap the main tech specs:

  • 4-car units, 76.4 m long
  • 64 seats, including 35 in first class
  • Max speed 120 km/h
  • low-floor entrance in three of four cars
  • sufficient space for bicycles, skis, wheelchairs, and luggage
  • modern Passenger Information System
  • driver’s front cab camera view projected in passengers area
  • automated coupling for the portion working on the Landquart – Klosters – Davos/St. Moritz route
Scenic views make RhB routes popular among trainspotters from across the world. Photo: Rhätische Bahn