[DE] Siemens Mireo receives initial approval – start of operation: 14.06.2020

Siemens’ new Mireo platform for regional multiple-unit trains has received initial approval from the German railway authority (EBA), just in time for the ‘small timetable change’ this month. Baden-Württemberg will be the first German state to see Mireos (a.k.a Baureihe 463) being used in revenue service, starting on 14.06.2020. From that date on Mireos will be gradually incorporated in regionalbahn-services on the route Offenburg – Freiburg – Basel/Neuenburg (Rhine).

The Mireo story started In February 2017, when the Ministry for Transport in the state of Baden-Württemberg ordered 24 Mireo trains and 15 Desiro HC double-decker trains to be operated by DB Regio. This means it took Siemens 38 months to get the Mireo approved.

Meanwhile, Siemens is working on seven Mireo orders, which Railcolor has in one overview:

And possibly, next to EMU and BEMU, we will see an HMU version too in the near future.

The colors of Mireo so far: