[DE] In the picture: S-Bahn Nuremberg’s series 1440 in service

Last week our Expert subscribers had the chance to see a very special preview of one of the latest deliveries of S-Bahn Nuernberg’s “Grinsekatze” fleet. And while that one was on a special mission, now we bring you an image report showing more units in regular service.

Railcolor News thanks Maxl / @193_zp1 for sharing his nice pictures with us!

The images that follow show a “Grinsekatze” tandem at work on the S4 line between Nuremberg and Ansbach:

S-Bahn Nuremberg’s 1440 033 + 037, seen in Nürnberg-Stein (DE) 05.05.2020 – @193_zp1

As seen from the vehicle markings on the cabs, the captured units are  1440 033 and 037. Both pictures were taken in Raitersaich (DE):

S-Bahn Nuremberg’s 1440 033 + 037, seen in Raitersaich (DE) 05.05.2020 – @193_zp1

1440 039 was the latest unit we saw earlier (with a special videography task):

[DE / Expert] Sonderzug: An S-Bahn Nürnberg “Grinsekatze” on a special mission

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