[BE / NL] DB Cargo: “Thanks to all those helping during the crisis” [updated]

The global Coronavirus crisis has and will continue to impact our daily lives. We are all human, and we need to be grateful to those who keep the wheels running, even in these harsh times. DB Cargo is the latest operator to bring this message out to the public by applying unique stickers to several class 6400 diesel locomotives in Belgium and the Netherlands.

This article was first published on 15.04.2020 – Update 28.02.2020: all five locomotives have their stickers now: 6413, 6436, 6438, 6503, and 6506.

Photo: DB Cargo Belgium

Lineas (again from Belgium) did it last week with its all-white TRAXX MS2e 186 258. Now, DB Cargo Nederland and DB Cargo Belgium express their common gratitude. To do that, the operators ‘stickered’ the cabs of five MaK-built diesel locomotives. Below the sticker on ‘6506’ with DB Cargo Belgium logos:

Photo: DB Cargo Belgium

“Thank you. To all those helping during the crisis. To all our employees who are keeping Europe mobile!”

“Bedankt. Aan iedereen die helpt in deze crisis. Aan al onze medewerkers die Europa mobiel houden!”

And it really does not matter whether it is a modern electric or a shunting locomotive. Because in the end, that feeling of cross-border solidarity is all we need. And we will come through. Together.