[CZ] In the picture: Three Cargo Motion liveries in one place

The Vectron fleet of Cargo Motion has recently been broadened by a third one: ELL 193 221. After many years with Lokotrain, the new lessee quickly put its logos on 221, so now all three look different.

Czech rail freight operator Cargo Motion plans to put its second Vectron (193 749) into the same red and white livery as the already liveried 193 750. This has not yet happened though and the locomotive still is running in its basic ELL design.

Most recently, ELL 193 221 was returned by Lokotrain, its first and long-time lessee, but it stays in the country – with Cargo Motion this time.

And what are the odds, that all three locomotives meet in a single spot? Well, it happened at Olomouc rail station at the heart of Czechia. While the newbee was heading the same direction with a timber train – as captured by Vojtěch Fajkus:

Newly deployed Cargo Motion 193 221 in Olomouc station on 22.4.2020
The first two ELL Siemens Vectrons for Cargo Motion together as a loco-train on 22.4.2020
Rare meet on 22.4.2020 in Olomouc station: Three different liveries, one operator