[CZ] Modern or Classic: ELL > IDS Cargo’s Vectron 193 747 redesigned

Railways and design – a dilemma several companies are facing when styling a train. Do we take a more traditional approach, going forward using classic elements, or do we break with what is there and position ourselves as modern and progressive? This case study is about a company that decided to ask people on social media for their opinion on this matter. Czech operator IDS Cargo. The locomotive: the ELL-leased 193 747. Let’s go!

The poll

It started with a simple poll. IDS Cargo published two Vectron designs: a ‘traditional’ one, using an ivory base color, a red frame, and striping combined with a silver-plated cabin roof, giving it a retro 80s feel. The second option was more contemporary, using red as a base with a grey-painted roof and frame, and simple IDS logos. Not using the ivory color tone made the second design less traditional, but also less typical, some stated it looked somewhat similar to OBB’s Vectron design. So there, you have the dilemma.

Curious fact: The last time we checked before the poll was closed (and removed) the ‘traditional’ design was the winner.

An unexpected change

Interestingly, IDS Cargo decided to dismiss the Facebook poll and soon it announced third, alternative livery, which was actually the ‘modern’ one, but the white color was substituted by the ivory, seen in the other (winning!) design. This was the final result:

From design to real life

Now that the design was finally chosen, it was time to apply it to the locomotive. This happened strikingly fast, with IDS Cargo sharing teaser images on its Facebook page along the way. This one shows the folio application process underway:

Once the new livery was completed, it was time to show the end-result in a video:

Time for pictures

With the locomotive already out and about, there is only one thing left to do: catch it pulling trains! Let us know if you have some nice images to share. We’ll be happy to publish them in the article. The first one was taken by Dušan Vacek‎ at Děčín East station on 19.08.2019:

ELL > IDS Cargo Vectron 193 747 at Děčín East station 19.08.2019 Photo: Dušan Vacek

Vectron 193 276

Want more IDS Cargo Vectron livery action? Check out our previous article, following the ‘stickering’ process of ELL > IDS Cargo 193 276. The Modern-Classic link can be clearly observed there as well:

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