[FR] In the picture: Bombardier’s Omnéo Premium Normandie on its inaugural run to Paris

In mid-January, Railcolor News showed you the first Omnéo Premium EMU that was delivered to the Region of Normandy. And while back then it was still limited to doing trial runs only, things have changed now – the double-deck entered regular service a month later.

We thank Jean-Claude Mons for sharing his photo-impression with us.

Sometimes, a picture says it all. For the first time in commercial service, unit 605 XL (Z 56609/10) is seen passing through the station of Pont-Cardinet on its way from Rouen to Paris Saint-Lazare on 17.02.2020:

Z56609/10 is seen passing through Pont-Cardinet (FR) on 17.02.2020 Photo credit: Jean-Claude Mons

An inaugural public-presentation tour along the main stations of the route between Paris and Normandy took place prior to entry into service: