[PL] 7 more EMUs please: Newag wins new Małopolska contract

The Krakow agglomeration joins the ever-increasing number of Polish towns with new electric multiple units demanded from one of the two local rivals: Pesa and Newag. Both of these companies have submitted bids for up to seven 4-car commuter trains. Newag has been announced as the winner. 

Tendered by the Małopolska region in the south of Poland, new trains should be delivered within 22 months from placing the order. Newag, the winner of the tender, has submitted its Impuls 2 units on offer slightly cheaper than Pesa, which offered the second generation of Elf units.

Partial deliveries will follow in the following schedule after the contract will be signed:

  • 2 units within 16 months
  • 2 units within 18 months
  • 2 units within 20 months
  • 1 unit within 22 months

These 4-car trainsets order requires a 5-year guarantee and maintenance. Seven units are in the fixed order, while two additional ones are an option. With a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the seat number should reach 185 and in addition, a special anti-graffiti preventive layer of coating is also required.

Pesa already has 18 trains delivered to this customer, with further 4 Elf2 units in the production. Newag has 12 Impuls units operating in the Malopolska-colors.

Newag Impuls EMU, photo by Koleje Malopolskie