[HU / Expert] Out of the blue: Transmontana 480 004 joins the LTE fleet

Softronic is moving forward with its factory revisions of Transmontanas from the first deliveries. Railcolor News recently showed you DB Cargo’s 480 006 which received a fresh coat of paint. Now it’s 480 004’s turn. Interestingly, the changes for this unit are more significant – it now has a new owner: LTE Group from Hungary.

We thank József Nagy‎, Norbert Tilai and Herbert Pschill for sharing their pictures with us.

The newest member of LTE Group’s Transmontana fleet is also the oldest one. The locomotive was initially working for DB Cargo Romania and sporting the default, red livery of the freight operator. Well, not anymore, as following its acquisition, LTE has applied its default blue livery to the six-axle electric. On 04.03.2020, 480 004 paid a visit to Hungary’s Hegyeshalom station. And the exterior changes were officially unveiled:

Transmontana 480 004 of LTE 04.03.2020 Photo credit: József Nagy‎

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