[SK] Škoda presents the first ‘Slovak Panter’ for ZSSK [corrected]

Škoda Transportation, in consortium with ŽOS Trnava, has presented the first out of 25 new EMUs for Slovak national passenger carrier, ZSSK

We knew there will be new EMUs in Slovakia and we knew their interior looks too. We have seen them on tests and the much-needed fleet renewal has been waiting for some time to get the new multiple units in its new homeland. On 06.02.2020 the first unit was officially presented.

The Škoda 7Ev/14Ev-products have no official name (yet), although several customers have placed orders (from the Czech republic (RegioPanters, InterPanters) and Latvia). But one name seems comes naturally, derived from the animal name used by ČD. Thus, Slovakia will get ‘Panters’ too.

ZSSK 660.002 in Brodno on 05.02.2020 – Marcel Baltiar

Let’s sum up key specifications about the ZSSK Panters:

  • 25 units, all of them for both 3 kV and 25 kV systems
  • Maximum speed – 160 km/h
  • 2 variants:
    • 13 x Class 661 EMUs – 3-car units, 80m long, the capacity of 247 seats
    • 12 x Class 660 EMUs – 4-car units, 106m long, the capacity of 343 seats
  • 3 driving chassis per each unit
  • Electric plugs, wi-fi, information system with monitors, barrier-free access

Škoda’s local ‘Panter partner’ for this project is Slovak rail repair and maintenance facility ŽOS Trnava. It will be responsible for assembly and testing.

These new trains will be used for commuter trains around the Žilina region, replacing old loco-hauled trains. They should be put into operation in the first half of 2020 on Žilina – Trenčín, Žilina – Čadca – Zwardoń [PL] and Žilina – Liptovský Mikuláš routes.

Photo by: ZSSK