[DE] Testing the first MRCE locomotive with diesel shunting module

In November we brought you the news about MRCE X4E-615 being equipped with a diesel power module or DPM. It was the first locomotive of its kind owned by MRCE with this feature, which makes it possible to run short stretches of track without catenary.

The locomotive was tested in cooperation with Baustoffe Entsorgung-Logistik (BELog) from Germany, a railway operator owned by Schwenk, a producer of cement and other construction materials.

Siemens’ DPM module includes a Stage IIIb-diesel motor with an output of 180 kW and a diesel tank with a volume of 350 liter. Both the Vectron DC and Vectron AC (high power only) can be retrofitted with a DPM module.

MRCE > BELog X4E-615 in Bad Bentheim (DE) 11.12.2019 – Martin Lorenz