[SE] 20 X 2000 = X40000 – the new ‘train type’ of SJ

The fleet of Swedish tilting high-speed trains X2000 has been a reliable choice for passengers for decades. Now, two of the 43 trainsets get a rebranding, to become an ‘X40000’.

The new X40000 stickers on an X2000 train. Photo: SJ

The Swedish state-owned passenger rail company SJ is changing the name of its popular trains to draw attention to climate change. Two X2000 trainsets get large X40000 branding. There are no technical changes, it is a pure livery update. The reason? It is actually possible to travel 40,000 times on the 455km route between Stockholm and Gothenburg to produce the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions than during a single flight on the same route.

“The figure itself is staggering but it also proves that we have the opportunity to influence our future by making conscious choices in everyday life,” Maria Höglund, Marketing Manager at SJ.

The selected route from the Swedish capital and Gothenburg was a clear option – as this route is where X2000 trains operate most frequently. Achieving such a figure is also possible because SJ uses 100% renewable electricity made from hydropower for its train operation. The specially marked X40000 trains will operate on Swedish rails during the first two months of 2020.

Photo: Stefan Nilsson