[UK] Hull Trains: The first Paragon bi-mode enters service

It was only a month ago when it was seen it on its way from Italy to the United Kingdom. 05.12.2019 was the first day during which Hull Trains used a Paragon for revenue earning services; 5-car unit 802 301, now in full Hull Trains design, entered service between Hull and London.

According to Hull Trains, the introduction service started at Hull at 10:33 AM and returned from London Kings Cross at 13:48, with more than 300 passengers on board. Here are some fresh impressions from a Hull Trains crew member:

“Travelling on the very first journey has been a real experience and one I won’t forget for a long time. The atmosphere on the train was fantastic, the whole crew were so excited and speaking to all the passengers, I know they were too. A lot of people commented on how much smoother the journey was and the new at-seat trolley service was really popular too.” – Maryanne Tennyson, on board host instructor for Hull Trains

Hull Trains
Hull Trains

Two more trains from the EUR 71,2 million fleet are currently undergoing final safety tests in the UK following their recent arrival from Italy. A total of five such bi-modes are expected to be in service by early 2020. Operated by Hull Trains, they are owned by UK leasing company Angel Trains.

Hull Trains currently offers 92 connections between Hull and London on a weekly basis. With the new bi-modes, more than two-thirds of the journey will be operated using electric power, thus reducing environmental impact.

Virtual Tour

Hull Trains has published an interactive virtual tour, showing the interior of class 802. Let’s have a look:



And if that’s not enough, here’s a video showing the maiden voyage of 802 301:

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